The All-new Intelligent Video Platform

The Story

TFI has assisted to launch a new intelligent video platform. It is supported by TFI’s patented video technology and cutting-edge artificial intelligence to take viewers into an exhilarating new world of audio-visual experiences. It offers a breakthrough in the TV viewing experience and habits, with distinctive, personalized programming available to anyone and anywhere. sets a new audio-visual trend sources premium content from the world over and provides all-new user-centric video experiences. Leveraging TFI’s cutting-edge technology that fuses artificial intelligence with a unique user experience, brings together a rich array of content in different categories including foods, arts, architecture, travel and culture and in diverse languages including Chinese, English and multiple European languages. It is a highly-personal, immersive video entertainment universe.


"Since inception, TFI has been active in developing all kinds of video and encoding technologies to enhance the audio-visual experience for all people," said CEO and Founder of TFI, Wilson Yuen. "The new platform allows business and individual users alike to benefit from TFI’s proprietary technology that greatly enhances the quality of broadcasting and video images and enjoy premium streamed content anywhere and anytime."

The All-new Intelligent Video Platform
A brand new online video platform, was officially launched, giving an unusual user -experience to all the audience
The All-new Intelligent Video Platform
More than 150 guests were generated to witness the launch of the

The Client channels are intelligently-programmed with a human-centered approach to select video content to targeted individual viewers, the platform is fully powered by the world-class video technology of TFI.  The applications and services are sophisticated with the features including Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), guided reading, editorial, #hashtags and crowd-sourcing of popular video content, in a unified platform which offers a brand new video watching experience.