Sony Unbox Live Series - Mischa Ip

The Story

 Date: 11th January 2021
 Duration: 1 hour
 Platform: 5 Channels, including Facebook, Instagram, JOOX, MOOV and KKBOX (support viewing on all connected mobile devices and computers)




  • The "One Click Go Live' feature powered by HERMES Live provides high quality and stable live streaming service for Mischa's Sony Unbox Live, the music concert was simulcasted to varied means of media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, JOOX, MOOV and KKBOX, reaching over 7,000 views simultaneous live-stream viewers.
  • Fosters the public to enhance the awareness and understanding of new singers through broadcasting the live concert virtually. Enabling audiences to share their personal feedbacks on social media platforms, it further brings audiences to immerse in the music world.

  • Through HERMES Live platform, music concerts are no longer constrained due to physical limitation. The advanced live streaming technology connects diversified music fans and enjoy the exceptional live music together.




Mischa was one of the participants in King Maker III, her outstanding performance has left a remarkable impression on the audience. The Unbox Live Series discovers the journey of Mischa’s individual story and showcases a prominent performance. With HERMES Live, she held the very first online concert to restart her music journey with her astonishing voice, leading the audiences to bathe in her musical world.

The Client

Crossfade Creative

Crossfade Creative

Established in 2011, Crossfade Creative is a media production company offering full range of creative services from concept, idea, script writing, storyboard, art direction, filming, editing, motion graphic, animation and to visual effect. Crossfade Creative has been cooperating with various advertising agencies and production houses in Hong Kong and Asia-Pacific regions to produce television commercials, music videos, promotional videos and event video productions with promising quality.