Igniting Children's Passion of Learning

The Story


- Empowered Bodhi Galaxy English App’s signature content such as animation lessons and music content distributing to the world through our encoding and streaming technology

- Received acclaimed acknowledgement and touched the lives of numerous children, taking them through an unforgettable learning journey



As a leading children's multimedia company, Century Innovative Technology (CIT) was dedicated to provide the best learning experience for children. CIT had decided to develop a Bodhi Galaxy English App to enhance the learning experience for young children. The app is a fun, interactive and educational experience for children, with content and program aligned with standards of international English examinations.



For years, educators have been trying to find new ways to enhance the learning experience for young children.  Bodhi Galaxy English App’s signature animation and music content requires high-quality cloud video encoding solution. TFI has a capability to empower CIT to achieve its goal.



1. Lightning fast cloud encoding technology

With the lightning fast HERMES Cloud Encoding solution, CIT can rest assured that he would apply the fastest encoder to deliver crystal clear video quality to the world.


2. Stream content from anywhere on any device

Bodhi Galaxy English App allows young children to access the safe and child-friendly content anytime and anywhere. It enables children to extend their learning experience from the classroom to everyday life. 


3. User-friendly interface

By implementing HERMES Cloud Encoding solution, its user-friendly interface allows anyone to use the technology without much training, but can complete the duties effectively.

The Client

Century Innovative Technology

Century Innovative Technology

Founded in 2012, Century Innovative Technology Limited (CIT) is a children’s multimedia company with the hit flagship property Bodhi and Friends. CIT is inspiring wisdom and compassion in children through immersive animation, games and other entertaining and educational interactive content. Missioned to foster the development of positive values and multiple intelligences in children, CIT designs professional, safe and child-friendly platform for parents and children to access an expert-curated selection of the world’s best content.