RTHK – Technology Talent Scheme will be launched with a monthly allowance of $32,000 for hiring doctoral STEM talents


The Founder & CEO of TFI, Mr. Wilson Yuen, is grateful to be phone-interviewed by Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK). Wilson shared his opinion on the ‘Technology Talent Scheme’ proposed by the Hong Kong Government and Industry 4.0, a trend using information technology to modernize manufacturing workflows and optimize productivity. Wilson mentioned that the future development of Industry 4.0 in Hong Kong is an issue worth exploring and thus government should have in-depth discussions with the industry to focus on particular development area for nurturing related technology experts.


Apart from that, he expressed that ranging from talent training to creating a favorable commercial environment and understanding market demand, the ties between the Government, industry, academia and research sector are of paramount importance to ensure the success of the industry so that Hong Kong’s technology can be linked with the world. Finally, Wilson showed support to the scheme and hoped that the Government can provide more subsidies as talent is the key to the success of innovation and technology.


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