Hong Kong’s First Real Estate Secondary Market Blockchain Platform

The Story

Key Impacts

  • Allowed Centaline Properties to leverage on the blockchain platform that featured with high efficiency, high flexibility, high security and strong privacy protection. This optimizes the entire transaction workflow and provides unprecedented convenience for property buyers
  • Delivered a trusted business environment that ensures data confidentiality, integrity and availability, facilitating data exchange between enterprises
  • Encouraged the application of blockchain technology in law and financial industries to achieve greater business value
  • Strengthened the collaboration between Centaline Properties, Microsoft and TFI with integration of Centaline’s database, Microsoft’s cloud solution and TFI’s blockchain technology



Continuing the success of “Online Video Property Viewing Service” in 2016, Centaline Properties aims to enhance the workflow efficiency of property transaction and provide a more convenient and secured experience to property buyers. Therefore, TFI Blockchain Technology Limited (TFI) joined hands with Centaline and Microsoft HK to launch Hong Kong’s First Real Estate Secondary Market Blockchain Platform with our advanced technology, digitalizing the secondary market transaction and bringing a giant breakthrough to property industry.


Reasons for Selection

1. Enterprise-Grade Blockchain Solution

TFI Blockchain delivers a comprehensive enterprise-grade solution with high performance, scalability, security and privacy. It facilitates a highly transparent environment for enterprises or different stakeholders to transfer confidential information and enable higher efficiency during transactions to save time and cost.


2. Customised System Design

Our core modules are built on well-developed blockchain architecture. It could be easily and flexibly integrated to different business systems to provide the most custom-fit blockchain solutions based on client needs.


3. Expertise in Blockchain

With hands-on experience in blockchain spectrum, our professional team has handled cross-industry business cases, ranging from property to recycling industry. The solution could be also applied and incorporated to a wide array of business, including entertainment, retail, finance, etc. to accelerate business growth.


The Client

Centaline Property Agency (Centaline)

Centaline Property Agency (Centaline)

Centaline Property Agency Limited is one of the largest property agencies in Hong Kong. It was established in 1978 by Mr. Shih Wing-ching. It holds more than 300 branched in Hong Kong now.