"Hospital Advisor" website has been developed with big data analytics technology

The Story


- With TFI advanced big data analytics technology, Hospital Advisor brings transparency about hospital outcomes by allowing patient to review and rate medical providers in Hong Kong, including 41 public hospitals and 11 private hospitals.



Hospital Advisor was developed by The Zubin Foundation. It aims to give patients information about quality of care in Hong Kong’s hospitals, so as to patients can make informed decisions about their hospital choice. 



The Zubin Foundation is not only looking for an information platform, but also needs to build a powerful big data, analytics and recommendations on the website to empower patients to make considered decision about which hospital to use. TFI is one of the leading innovation information technology companies to deliver this website service. 



1. Bilingual website

The bilingual website covers Hong Kong’s 41 public and 11 private hospitals. Patients can rate the Quality of Care in Hong Kong’s hospitals and share their experience through the online platform, as well as learn which hospital is better than another.


2. Big Data analytics

Hospital Advisor rates the hospital by using patients’ experiences to answer a short survey of questions. This survey of questions and a unique methodology, developed by The Zubin Foundation together with the Harvard Global Health Institute and The University of Hong Kong. With adding TFI’s advanced big data analytics technology, the website will help discover valuable insights as well as generate recommendations.


3. User-friendly interface

In order to drive website traffic and create a better impression to visitor, the web design is attractive and allows audiences to interact with Hospital Advisor efficiently.  It definitely helps enhance user experience, and allows visitor gaining valuable advice.

The Client

The Zubin Foundation

The Zubin Foundation

The Zubin Foundation is a social policy think-tank committed to improving the lives of Hong Kong people. Their focus is on racial inclusion, patient care and special education needs (SEN) of non-Chinese speaking children.