"The First" Street Dance Competition by Diggin’HK

The Story

Live Event Profile:

Event Date: 15 July 2017

Event Duration: 240 minutes

Event Venue: The Wave

Live Streaming Platform: Facebook and website (available on any mobile devices and computers)

Live Streaming Region: Worldwide


Live Event Details:



- Engaged audiences in real-time. Viewers could enjoy the dance competition and got first-hand results anywhere via any mobile devices and computer

- A new and update channel to promote street dance to increase audience coverage



Diggin’HK is founded by a group of Hong Kong street dancers, aiming to promote hip hop and street culture. "The First" dance competition is their first event that gather local dancers together. Through HERMES Live, “The First” can showcase the exciting competition worldwide and promote hip hop culture to public through various platform, such as Facebook and the Wave outdoor TV wall.



Due to venue constraints, limited show tickets are not sufficient to cater of all of their fans and dancers. To fulfill the demand of viewing the competition, Diggin’HK partnered with TFI to provide video live streaming service. Through HERMES live streaming solution, the public is able to enjoy hip hop battles in real time and cheer for their favorite dancers through any variety of digital devices.



1. Ease of setup with "One Click Go Live"

With our powerful HERMES live, it only requires camera, network and power supply to go live. Without any hectic procedure or time-consuming setup, live streaming service is easy to be controlled and handled by "One Click".


2. Support various digital devices

Audiences can enjoy the thrilling competition anywhere through smartphones, tablets, computers, notebooks, connected TV, set-top boxes and emerging platforms, etc.


3. Broadcast quality streaming service

Empowered by TFI’s patented video technology, audiences can enjoy the exciting competition and wonderful performance with 4K picture quality live video.

The Client



DigginHK is the latest, fastest and most integrated information of hip-hop culture mobile phone applications, aimming to further delevop Hong Kong hip-hop culture.