Transforming Thailand's Home Entertainment

The Story


- Movie Plus increased its productivity by our lightning fast encoding technology

- The customers of Movie Plus could enjoy high quality video playback and maximized viewing experience

- With the patented HERMES encoding technology, Movie Plus provided endless movie and video entertainment all across Thailand via 16 different video device platforms.



Determined to transform the way people consume home entertainment, Movie PLUS worked closely together with TFI. By implementing our flagship product – HERMES OTT, Movie PLUS was planning to create the most intuitive and comprehensive video streaming platform.



Thailand’s Home Entertainment industry faced its most daunting challenge in recent years with the rapid adoption of "on-the-go" lifestyle and growing demands for online video entertainment.



1. Lightning Fast Encoding Technology

HERMES Encoder is a broadcast-grade turnkey encoding solution for the Over-the-Top (OTT) markets. It offers unmatched lightning-fast encoding speed under proprietary technology that promises significant cost reduction and efficiency improvement.


2. High compatibility that support any devices

Different from traditional OTA, HERMES OTT video solution allows audiences watching the favor movie through 16 different digital devices.


3. Professional video solution with global partners

We partner with global technology providers to ensure smooth and reliable streams to any corner of the world.

The Client

Movie Plus

Movie Plus

Movie Plus was a brand new VOD service provider under United Home Entertainment, offering Thailand’s best selection of award winning Independent and hard-to-find films, Hollywood Blockbusters and Family Entertainment. Movie Plus had continuously discovered and collected quality films and TV shows from around the world for movie aficionado to relax and enjoy!