An Intelligent Management System for New Concept of Food Court

The Story


- The food court intelligent management system, developed by TFI, achieved a new dinning concept that allow diners to enjoy a convenient dining experience.

- One-stop electronic point-of-sale system has greatly enhanced the efficiency of restaurant operation and food order management.



"The Food Icon", the new property project of Ideal Group, was themed with Hong Kong authentic street food. Foodies could enjoy the fine taste of Hong Kong signature snakes in a comfortable environment. Ideal Group joined hands with TFI to introduce the new intelligent management system for "The Food Icon" stores. Leveraging on TFI’s technology to achieve a win-win situation for diners and food stores, diners could benefit from our convenient dining experience, while food stores could improve operational efficiency with customized point-of-sales system.



Ideal Group was committed to preserve the essence of Hong Kong authentic snacks, and hoped to create a new Hong Kong-style dining experience through this project. Therefore, TFI provided a one-stop solution, combining with electronic point-of-sale system, mobile application, self-service ordering system and electronic payment, in order to offer diners a first-class dining experience.



1. Tailored one-stop intelligent management system

TFI’s solution is tailored for assisting our client’s to achieve his expectations and business needs. The user-friendly mobile applications and self-help ordering machine, diners can easily order meals and reduce queuing time.


2. Valuable promotions and advertising channels to drive sales

Through our tailored system and mobile application, the food stores can directly promote their meals, give discount and special offers anytime to drive sales growth.


3. Increase business productivity

TFI‘s advanced technology can fully accommodate the customer's business needs, clients can rest assured to focus on their core competences and business priorities.

The Client

Ideal Group

Ideal Group

Ideal Group, founded in 1992, started from industry and trading business. After 20 years of innovation, Ideal Group gradually developed diversified business in industries, financial investment, real estate development, and market circulation.