The Hong Kong International Computer Conference 2017

The Story

Live Event Profile:

Event Date: 2 November 2017

Event Duration: 200 minutes

Event Venue: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Live Streaming Platform: Facebook (available on any mobile devices and computers)

Live Streaming Region: Worldwide

Live Event Details:



- Facilitated many interested managers or senior executives to watch the keynotes when they were not able to attend the conference in person

- Greatly expanded the reach and engagement of the conference



TFI is an official live streaming service provider of the Hong Kong International Computer Conference (HKICC) for the 2nd consecutive year, HKICC is an annual flagship event organized by the Hong Kong Computer Society (HKCS). It is an international conference that CEOs, CTOs, Entrepreneurs, Managers, Academics, and Executives from the governments, both local & international corporations are interested in.



The theme of the conference this year is "Capitalise on the Belt and Road Initiative through Digital Innovation"; it is a hot topic nowadays. The whole live stream contained 6 keynote sessions with the opening ceremony. There were many slides and transitions in between. As this is a signature event, HKCS was seeking a seamless and broadcast quality live stream. In order to ensure the live goes smoothly and steadily, TFI’s dedicated team closely monitored the live streaming process from setup to the end of the show.   



1. Ease of setup with "One Click Go Live"

Without complicated and time-consuming setup, HERMES Live requires simple apparatus: camera, network and power supply to go live. It is easy to be controlled and handled by "One Click".


2. Reliable live streaming partner

Our encoder's high reliability, high availability and superb performance ensure us to be a consistent and trustable live streaming partner of Hong Kong Computer Society for the second time.


3. Global streaming

We collaborate with Microsoft and Akamai to ensure delivering the content with consistency, quality and security across every device in every corner of the world.

The Client

Hong Kong Computer Society (HKCS)

Hong Kong Computer Society (HKCS)

Founded in 1970, the Hong Kong Computer Society (HKCS), with over 9,000 members, is a well-recognized non-profit organization focused on developing Hong Kong's Information Technology (IT) profession and industry. Members hail from a broad spectrum of Hong Kong's IT community, from corporations to like-minded individuals, all coming together to raise the profile and standards of the profession and industry.