Bringing Hollywood & Asian Films Directly to your Fingertips

The Story

The growing demand for online video entertainment has opened new market opportunities for Intercontinental Video Limited (IVL). With high hopes to become Hong Kong’s top online video distributor, IVL and our team at TFI worked closely together to develop a new video streaming platform using HERMES OTT Video Solution. With our Digital Right Management (DRM) technology, movie content are delivered securely to meet approval requirements from content owners. That is why IVL has built an impressive portfolio of Hollywood blockbusters, Asian films and TV programs such as children educational programs and infotainment programs for audience to enjoy. Its revolutionary encoding technology enabled cross-platform streaming capabilities so that users can access their movie library on any preferred devices they want. Together with TFI, IVL is on the road to be the leading online video streaming platform in Hong Kong.

The Client


Since its establishment in 1981, Intercontinental Video Limited has distributed a diversified range of products of Hollywood films from Walt Disney Studios, Universal Studios, Paramount and Sony Pictures and Asian films and animations from their Shaw Brothers Film Library (the world's largest Chinese film library featuring almost 600 classic Hong Kong films) as well as Chinese films and television programs and children products. Its distribution list also includes Studio Ghibli’s Japanese animated features and independent films from IFDL. IVL is also dedicated to provide premium quality and inspirational educational video products such as the popular sing-along BARNEY series and a catalog of selective quality infotainment TV programs produced by Radio Television Hong Kong (“RTHK”) and Asia Television Hong Kong (“ATV”).