Eason Chan’s ‘’C'mon in Tour’’ concert

The Story

Live Event Profile:
Event Date: 18 November 2017
Event Duration: 134 minutes
Event Venue: San Jose State University, United States
Live Streaming Platform: Tencent Video (available on any mobile devices and computers)
Live Streaming Region: Mainland China

Live Event Details:



- Provided professional live streaming support to Tencent Video with state-of-the-art video technology

- Reached over 100 million views on Tencent Video platform

- Enabled fans in Mainland China to enjoy Eason’s concert hosted in United States in real time seamlessly



With the accelerated pace of digital technology, watching concert is no longer limited to live performance, but also extended to online live video. To advertise the new Mandarin Album named ‘’C'mon in’’, Eason started his promotion tour throughout Europe in October and November. While during the tour in San Jose State University, he partnered with Tencent Video to broadcast the concert. This was the very first time for Eason, Tencent and TFI to collaborate on music streaming, where TFI provided full support with the advanced HERMES Live Encoder M.



Being the leading online video platform in China, Tencent won the exclusive right to broadcast the concert. However, it was hard to spread the video content to audience in China due to geographical and network restraints. Through connecting HERMES Live Encoder M with the One Click Go Live feature, audience could enjoy the show at any devices on Tencent platform.



1. Broadcast grade live stream from US to China

With the extraordinary live streaming technology, HERMES Live, we are able to produce broadcast-grade live. This was the first Eason’s concert to live stream from United States to China, which would definitely mark a breakthrough in both music and digital technology industry.


2. Rich broadcasting experience

TFI has participated in numerous live streaming projects and gained rich experience. Leo Koo’s music concert, for example, was a successful story which attracted over 500 thousand audiences to view the live concert in China. It is to believe Eason’s concert could achieve similar success.


3. Seamless live streaming

The HERMES Live Encoder M delivers the concert performance to audience in China in real time. The high quality video coupled with the panoramic sound, showcase every detail of the stage, immersing viewers in the interactive visual experience.



The Client

Eason Chan

Eason Chan

Prominent Hong Kong singer