HKSAR 20th Anniversary Celebration - Outstanding Chinese Calligraphy of Primary School and Calligrapher Exhibition

The Story

Live Event Profile:

Event Date: 20 December 2017

Event Duration: 60 minutes 

Event Venue: Chai Wan Youth Square, Hong Kong

Live Streaming Platform: Facebook (available on any mobile devices and computers)

Live Streaming Region: Worldwide

Live Event Details:



- Enabled family and friends of the participants to watch the prize giving ceremony

- Promoted traditional Chinese culture to the young generation and facilitated the exchange of calligraphy ideas with young people from different regions, arousing their interests in Chinese calligraphy

- Strengthened young generation’s understanding about the significance of Hong Kong’s handover



To celebrate Hong Kong handover 20th Anniversary, Jinggong Mountain Education Foundation held a Chinese calligraphy exhibition. This is a very meaningful event to increase the young generation’s national identity by educating them the history of Hong Kong and the unique artistic form of the treasury of Chinese culture. More than 50 calligraphies from primary students and calligraphers are exhibited, and among which, there are representatives from United States, Japan, Shenzhen, etc. To maximize the event exposure, TFI is entrusted to live stream the ceremony.



As it is a memorial event to celebrate Hong Kong’s handover, Jinggong Mountain Education Foundation was looking for a professional and reliable live streaming provider to reach wider audience. Through HERMES live streaming solution, general public could watch the ceremony in real time to share the happiness and appreciate the traditional Chinese culture.



1. Ease of setup 

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2. Simulcast to social platform

By simulcasting the calligraphy event on various social media platforms like Facebook, audience could watch the ceremony on a wide variety of computer and mobile devices. This helps to drive traffic and increase publicity, massively promoting the traditional Chinese culture.


3. High broadcast quality

Partnered with global Content Delivery Network (CDN) provider Akamai, our Live Encoder M outperforms other social media platforms by delivering smooth broadcast with high reliability and stability. Audience could enjoy the ceremony seamlessly with excellent broadcast quality.


Live video:

The Client

Jinggong Mountain Education Foundation

Jinggong Mountain Education Foundation

Established in 2000, Jinggong Mountain Education Foundation is entrusted by Ji’an People’s Government to assist children in Jinggong Mountain. Over the past years, it strives to improve the learning environment and educational level of children through fundraising. Its long term objectives are to enhance the productivity and economic development of the rural area through propagate education.