‘’JW - NEVER TOO EARLY 2018 Concert’’

The Story

Live Event Profile:

Event Date: 6 January 2018

Event Duration: 133 minutes 

Event Venue: Hong Kong Coliseum

Live Streaming Platform: OpenSky.tv App and Hao Entertainment (available on any mobile devices)

Live Streaming Region: Worldwide

Live Event Details:



- Allowed fans in other countries concurrently enjoy JW’s concert hosted in Hong Kong, giving concert experience a new dimension

- Hong Kong music could be spread overseas through the live stream

- Reached over 3,800 views on OpenSky.tv platform

- Reached over 3,200 views on Hao Entertainment platform



Joey Wong held her first ever concert ‘’JW - NEVER TOO EARLY 2018 Concert’’ in Hong Kong Coliseum since she started her music career seven years ago. Being one of the co-organizers, TFI provided live streaming service, showcasing the most fascinating concert performance to audience around the world.



Since it is a one-off concert, the limited tickets could not accommodate to all the fans’ needs, especially those overseas. As a result, Joey Wong partnered with the experienced live streaming expert TFI, to deliver broadcast grade and smooth live streaming to audience through One Click Go Live Solution.



1. One Click Go Live Solution

We enable straightforward setup for live streaming with only three connections power, camera and internet, and a single click. This gives OpenSky.tv and Hao Entertainment the capability to launch live streaming without any knowledge on complicated software or extra network infrastructure.


2. Reliable global streaming

Powered by global Content Delivery Network (CDN) giant Akamai, we provide broadcast grade live streaming which is much smoother compared to other live streaming platforms. Along with simulcasting to multiple platforms, it can effectively make the concert available to viewers from the comfort of home in real time.


3. Real time live stream monitoring

HERMES’s simple console user interface allows an immediate keep track of network connections, streaming status and broadcast statistics. By this way, unexpected situations could be notified with on-screen troubleshooting instructions to fix the problem, minimizing buffering issues and greatly enhancing stream quality.

The Client

Joey Wong

Joey Wong

Popular Hong Kong singer