Sharing Love & Charity with Symphonic Romance in Live

The Story

Live Event Profile:

Event Date: 14 February 2016

Event Duration: 120 minutes

Event Venue: Concert Hall, Hong Kong Cultural Centre

Live Streaming Platform: Website (available on mobile devices and computers)


Live Event Details:



- An innovative initiative, TFI broadcasted the music fashion show live online for donors through mobile devices and computers with its leading video streaming technology

- Contributed to society with TFI’s innovation and technology. Revenue deducted from costs were donated to online charity platform Lifewire and local charity Wai Yin Association, to help community groups in need



The Hong Kong Amateur Orchestra has been active promoting passion for orchestral music in Hong Kong, and a great support of charity. In the Valentine's Day, they collaborated with local bridal brand KEVOLIE for the first-in-town charity fashion show joining orchestral music and bridal gowns, the "Symphonic Romance Fashion Show". Director-conductor Ms. Moon So performed classical masterpieces and Canto love songs, in the beautiful bridal gowns of KEVOLIE.



SONY MUSIC planned an experimental run on live streaming drama to explore the new arena. They looked for a professional video streaming partner to create a dedicated video solution. Through HERMES live streaming solution, our professional team closely in contact with client and tailor-made live streaming services in response to customers’ needs.


The Hong Kong Amateur Orchestra needs professional video partners to organize charity concerts. To facilitate a successful online broadcast for philanthropy, TFI provides one-stop video solutions, including live streaming platform management, award-winning video encoding technology, and professional on-site technical support.



1. "One Click Go Live" solution

Just connect our HERMES live encoder M to the camera, network and power supply, customers can live broadcast quality broadcast with simple steps. Our HERMES live streaming solution signified the great possibility of live streaming and the powerful strength of TFI.


2. Major device support

With HERMES live streaming solution, viewers can enjoy ultra-high-definition live broadcasts on video platform from different mobile devices to personal computers.


3. Full control and ownership on the live video

HERMES Live solution allows live stream running in various social media platforms.  And client has full control and ownership of the live video with the option to edit and archive after the event, according to their needs.

The Client

Hong Kong Amateur Orchestra

Hong Kong Amateur Orchestra

Hong Kong Amateur Orchestra (HKAO) was established in 2007 by a group of music lovers to share and promote orchestral music. Over the years HKAO has been active participating in large scale performance for charity, such as Oxfam and Breast Cancer Foundation. They have performed together with renowned artists in Hong Kong.