The Second Annual Hong Kong Inter-School Board Game Competition

The Story

 Date: 4 Jul, 2018
 Duration: 240 minutes

Kowloon Bay International Trade & Exhibition Centre (KITEC)


Facebook (available on any mobile devices and computers)

 Region: Worldwide



  • Increased the number of reach through onsite participation and online live stream. In this event, we allowed over 1,000 audiences to watch the thrilling competition concurrently through live stream 
  • Enabled family and friends of the contestants to enjoy the live stream through multiple perspectives
  • With our video technology, TFI’s professional team provided ease of use and broadcast quality live streaming solution to the client, and completed the live streaming set up within limited time
  • Helped Gameplan to cultivate students’ interests in board game, strengthen their IQ, EQ and three dimensional thinking so as to convey positive thinking among the young generation



Organized by Gameplan, the Second Annual Inter-School Board Game Competition aims to promote study-life balance of teenagers and improve their problem-solving skills. Over 500 Hong Kong primary and secondary school students joined the competition. Since our live stream received satisfactory result last year, TFI has been entrusted for the second time to live stream the 4-hours competition. To offer a more amazing viewing experience to audience, we expanded the shooting angles to capture contestants’ reaction and interaction in real time.   

The Client



Gameplan was formed by M&S International (HK) Ltd to import and market family educational board games that are fun to play and easy to learn. Their goal is to provide quality games that entertain, educate and enlighten, while promoting positive social interaction for all ages.