TFI’s patent granted video technology – Wide Color Gamut (WCG) Visual Enhancement Technology


We are grateful to tell that our third video patent about Wide Color Gamut (WCG) is granted in U.S.


Driven by the size and quality improvements in display devices, video consumption continues its upward surge and superior video quality is highly desired. Both High Dynamic Range (HDR) and WCG technology are new standards for delivering better viewing experience, yet with little R&D investments in the market. TFI R&D team hence leveraged our time and resources in the domain to drive technology breakthrough in video market.


The patented WCG technology is applied to our HERMES Live Encoder E, an enterprise-graded encoder for video broadcasters to provide lifelike videos while saving expensive capital expenditure on video software. It could enhance the color range to human vision by nearly 1.5 times, and is complemented with another patent granted HDR technology to present a realistic visual ambience and more vivid colors on displays.