Commercial Radio Hong Kong – The Life of the “Father of Fiber Optics”, Sir Charles Kuen Kao


The Founder and CEO, Mr. Wilson Yuen was interviewed by Chip Tsao in Commercial Radio Hong Kong’s program - 光明頂 and has talked about the “Father of Fiber Optics”, Sir Charles Kuen Kao.


Key message of the interview:

  • With Sir Kao’s vision, Hong Kong’s first submarine communications cable was successfully connected to NASA in the USA in 1990, which was a remarkable milestone to the Internet development in Hong Kong
  • Sir Kao has explored a brand new area - optical communication. Replacing copper wire, glass is used as the transmission media to propagate digital signals and solve the problem of transmission distortion
  • Wilson said that some technology companies have already used optical fiber as the internal transmission system. Optical technology has made a great influence not only on Internet, but also future technologies such as 5G, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and communication within clouds
  • Wilson expressed that the final destination of science is philosophy. Sir Kao sincerely focused only on making contributions to our society with science but not making own profits. Wilson greatly appreciated that and hoped the later generations can utilize optical fiber in a correct way

Full Audio Interview, please click here.