Virtual Live Streaming and AGM System with Tricor for Listed Companies


Tricor Hong Kong (“Tricor”), the leading business expansion specialist in Asia, today signed a memorandum of understanding with leading 5G telecoms operator 3 Hong KongCity University of Hong Kong (“CityU”), a world-class institution, technology giant Microsoft Hong Kong (“Microsoft”), and blockchain and video technology leader TFI Digital Media Limited (“TFI”) to form a strategic partnership to explore innovative and capable solutions to enhance investor relations, giving a strong boost to the innovation-led growth of Hong Kong’s financial sector.


The team is pleased to unveil its first collaboration, SPOT, Hong Kong’s first and only full-function platform that enables electronic general meetings. The platform allows members to vote, post questions to management and view a live-stream of a meeting online without being at the meeting venue. SPOT-empowered meetings are highly scalable, offering significant cost savings and reduce administrative time and effort, and enhance member engagement and transparency.


With this pioneering virtual general meeting system, Tricor and its partners are devoted to further shaping the future of investor experience under the Smart City Roadmap of the Hong Kong government.  In the next phase, the partners will explore and develop more advanced and capable solutions to enhance investor relations and enable a more cutting-edge voting process. The collaboration will also contribute to developing Hong Kong’s smart city position by nurturing a strong tech talent pool.


In light of the environmental and public hygiene risks, virtual meetings have become a phenomenon this year amid disruptions from travel and commuting to postal services. As a market leader in meeting management and poll scrutineer services, Tricor remains committed to ensuring that listed issuers are in full compliance with all relevant regulatory requirements even in such extraordinary environment. SPOT, a tailor-made solution for Hong Kong listed companies, is at present the only eMeeting system that:

  1. complies with and observes all the requirements of HKEX Listing Rules and statutory regulations;
  2. seamlessly integrates the Register of Members;
  3. facilitates proxy actions under CCASS to attend and vote on-line;
  4. provides voting forms and proxy forms in the same format and details as published by the issuer on HKEX website for investors’ ease of use;
  5. includes a full range of functions for an end-to-end eAGM solution; and
  6. offers robust data privacy, encrypted data storage and transmission and multi-layered security.


Building on the success of fintech in the financial sector, SPOT heralds a revolution in investor engagement in Hong Kong. SPOT combines traditional in-room general meetings with virtual meeting set-ups in parallel. Operating on a secure and dedicated network to ensure reliable services, the platform allows meetings both all-online and in hybrid form. Members can vote, view a live-stream of the meeting and ask questions online, while voting results that are aligned in HKEx-required format can be declared in real-time. Various proxy features are available including alternative proxies, multiple proxies and proxy voting receipts issued for each proxy for record-keeping.


 “It is encouraging to see TFI’s patented technology applied to SPOT for improved user experience with enterprise-grade security, scalability and stability. Riding on the momentum, we are excited to announce TFI’s upcoming Blockchain and Data Analytics products, focusing on data integrity and privacy protection. Such characteristics are essential in realizing our vision of modern digital infrastructure for the financial sector,” said Wilson Yuen, Founder and CEO of TFI Digital Media Limited. With HKSTP, ITB and the government’s support in technology innovation, TFI is committed to bridging scientific research with commercial applications. Leveraging the partnership with industry experts and research institutions, we wish to drive fintech adoption and bring ourselves one step closer towards the Smart City blueprint.