• Overview
  • Quality Enhancement
  • Transcoding
  • A.I. & Big Data Analytics
  • BlockChain

Adaptive Dynamic Range Enhancement

Extend the dynamic range of existing content to HDR and enhance contrast levels of legacy content to show more realistic images on displays

Smart Color Enhancement

Extend the color gamut of existing content to present more lifelike and vivid colors on displays

3 Dynamic Enhancement

Enhance contrast, saturation and brightness frame by frame while maintaining smooth transition of the enhanced characteristics

Distributed Encoding

Enable highly distributed and scalable transcoding architecture through spatio-temporal partitioning of video files

Hardware Accelerated Encoding

Enhance transcoding performance through dedicated hardware components (VCA, QuickSync, GPU)

Perceptual Based Rate Control

By adjusting the bit rate based on the acceptable perceived quality of the content, overall file size can be reduced

Recommendation Engine

Provide personalized content recommendations based on machine learning algorithms

Video Fingerprinting

Efficiently create robust video fingerprints that enables video content to be uniquely identified, protecting copyrights