HERMES Live Streaming & Video Conferencing Solution enables companies to transform in adverse business environment


TFI collaborates with Lifesize and other third-party video conferencing service providers to provide the HERMES Live Streaming & Video Conferencing solution. The powerful synergy of “Live Streaming & Video Conferencing” enables the comprehensive and professional live streaming and video conferencing solution to the market. By utilizing our advanced video technology, different companies could transform their businesses online and explore new opportunities quickly.


Advantages of HERMES Live Streaming x Video Conferencing Solution


HERMES Live offers the highest quality live streaming and web conferencing solution with high flexibility by 4S core values, Stability, Scalability, Security, and Superiority. With our advanced video technology, it provides reliable live encoding with high availability for customers. The live streaming content delivery and cloud services possess the industrial certifications with ISO standards and Digital Rights Management (DRM) to secure the content of live streaming and video conference. Meanwhile, HERMES Live supports millions of concurrent viewers with Full HD 1080p broadcast-grade live video quality, providing superior and smooth live streaming experience and web conferencing to customers. 


Lifesize provides high secure video conferencing solution well adopted by Global companies and enterprise, the four major advantages include comprehensive hardware and software solution, global network, secure communication, and seamless integration. By integrating meeting room systems and cloud service, it enables enterprises and every meeting room with amazing video conferencing. Lifesize has data centers in every major geography, allowing companies to easily contact their global teams through web conferencing. The data centers of Lifesize are certified with independent third-party security and privacy to ensure secure video conferencing services. In addition, Lifesize's video conferencing system can be integrated with HERMES Live platform and other systems to provide the best video conferencing experience in different devices.


Features of HERMES Live Streaming x Video Conferencing Solution:


1.Covering extensive event types and apply to all industries (video conferences, international seminars, internal training and other events etc.)

2.Overcoming geographical and venue restrictions, the company could easily handle business operation and reach more potential customers via smart devices anywhere for work

3.Providing high-security video conference and live broadcast (point-to-point encryption technology and DRM technology enabled)

4. Providing diversified value-added services, such as 4K cloud video call, High Dynamic Range (HDR) live broadcast, Q&A and online payment features to enhance the competitiveness of companies.

5.Offering a one-stop solution with the live encoder, integrated live broadcast platform and after-sales support service


For more details about the “HERMES Live Streaming x Video Conferencing” solution for video conference, international seminar, and internal trainings, please contact us at (852) 3755 1111 or leave your contact information for a customized solution for your business.


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