HERMES Live Official Service Partners for Greater China Region (GCR)


One of TFI’s patented video technology – live streaming technology brand – HERMES Live, conducted over 8,000 events and delivered video content to over 100 million viewers.


Events including government conferences, TV broadcasts, listed company AGMs, Greater Bay Area summits, international sports tournaments, multi-national mega events, music festivals, concerts, arts performances and more.


HERMES Live Platform enables global audience to enjoy video content across countries and time zones, facilitating online Digital Commerce activities and empowering content creators to monetize through online payments, including ticketing and donations.


We are pleased to announce our official service partners at the following Greater China Region (GCR) locations. Appreciate your trust in quality HERMES Live streaming services through our trusted partners in 2022 and beyond.



General Enquiry:
(HERMES Live Technology Holdings Limited)



Or contact regional partners:

Beijing: (北京創天開科技有限公司)

Shenzhen: (深圳前海天開創新科技有限公司)

Taiwan: (天開雲端媒體技術有限公司)

Hong Kong & Macau: (開眼界直播科技有限公司)

HERMES Live Official Service Partners - Greater China Region (GCR)HERMES Live Official Service Partners - Greater China Region (GCR)