Apple Daily Finance: Interview of Wilson Yuen about being the pioneer in live streaming industry


Being the Founder & CEO of TFI, Mr. Wilson Yuen is glad to be interviewed by Apple Daily Finance, sharing the history of TFI and the conditions of success for a start-up company.


Key messages of the article:


- Founded in 2010, TFI participated in a lot of significant projects, and among which, live broadcast of Rex Tso’s ‘’Clash of Champion 3’’ was the most notable one which recorded 8.6 million views.


- The cooperation with HKTV was the turning point of the company. In order to take over the project, TFI expanded its scale from 20 to 50 staffs. The grand launch of HKTV platform captured half of the bandwidths (300Gbps out of 600bps) on internet, which created a new record in TV industry.


- In retrospect of the process, it was never easy to succeed.  Ricky Wong, the founder of HKTV, highly supported local technology and willing to give a chance to TFI for OTT development. However, he posed a few challenges related to video technology on Wilson, such as how could the ad not to be closed by viewers during streaming. Paying a tremendous effort, TFI team didn’t disappoint him and came up with comprehensive solutions within a short period of time.


- Since then, TFI’s business extended from video encoder, OTT platform to live streaming. It was the Official Online Live Streaming provider of Hong Kong Film Awards for two consecutive years. TFI’s video technology was of great benefit to different businesses, Centaline’s first cloud-based real estate video solution was a good example. At the meanwhile, Wilson believed there was still great potential in the video market while user experience is one of the essential elements. TFI, therefore, provided narrator and English subtitles for overseas audience to enrich their viewing experience.


- Wilson has a strong educational background in Computer Science, Interactive Multimedia and Information Engineering. Driven by the popularity of smartphone and I-cloud technology, he decided to start his own business seven years ago. The business was in a small scale until TFI developed the iCloud solution and won the Best Azure Award presented by Microsoft. This gave Wilson the chance to meet the CEO of Microsoft and initiated the first OTT project – Clickplay.


- In order to protect the newly-developed technology, Wilson travelled to Silicon Valley to obtain the patent rights.


- At last, he concluded that being adventurous and willing to explore on new things are the keys to succeed for a start-up company.


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