Hong Kong Industrialist: Interview of Wilson Yuen for being awarded as 2017 Young Industrialist Awards of Hong Kong


The Founder & CEO of TFI, Mr. Wilson Yuen, is grateful to be interviewed by The Federation of Hong Kong Industries. Wilson shared about the key drivers that made him to become the visionary vanguard of video solutions. 


Key messages of the article:


- Driven by his outstanding expertise, broad vision and passion for making contributions to society, Wilson innovated the world’s leading edge video solutions and earned the 2017 Young Industrialist Awards of Hong Kong.


- Microsoft Corporation had approached Wilson and looked for cooperation. They joinely created the first Over-The-Top (OTT) platform to Clickplay with HERMES’s advanced technology. Meanwhile, in facing with the time-consuming live broadcast, he developed live streaming technology with the team. This drastically reduces the operation cost and makes video contents accessible to global audience via smart devices. Eason Chan’s US concert and Rex Tso “Clash of Champions 3” are some of the significant cases.


- To deliver the excellent content to global audience, Wilson thereby created a multimedia TV program magazine, OpenSky.tv. By performing integrated Artificial Intelligence Analysis, different programs are recommended to users based on their search history and preferences.


- Furthermore, Wilson has demonstrated a strong vision and passion in research and development (R&D) by investing on R&D projects and equipment in local universities.


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