HK PHIL 2020/21 Season Preview Concert

The Story

 Date: 4 July 2020
 Duration: 90 mins
 Venue: Hong Kong Cultural Centre

Hong Kong Philharmonic’s website, Facebook page and YouTube Channel (support view on any mobile devices and computers)

 Region: Worldwide




•HERMES Live delivered the preview concert with 4K video quality using 5G technology, allowing audiences to experience the audiovisual sensation of the live concert in Ultra-High-Definition


•HERMES Live empowered the orchestra to overcome venue and geographical constraints, allowing fans of their music worldwide to watch a world-class orchestral performance live concurrently


Live streaming increased the event exposure and promoted both the HKPhil and orchestral music


HERMES Live delivered high audio quality in 320Kbps  



“HK PHIL 2020/21 Season Preview Concert” was the first-ever HKPhil concert to be live-streamed. As a reliable live-streaming partner, TFI was entrusted to provide high-quality, seamless and stable HERMES Live 4K video streaming service. Using a 5G network supported by 3HK, we presented Hong Kong’s most outstanding orchestral performance to worldwide audiences via HERMES Live state-of-art technology.   

The Client

The Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra

The Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra

The Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra (HK Phil) is recognized as Asia’s foremost classical orchestra. Through presenting more than 150 concerts over a 44-week season, it has brought splendid music performance to more than 200,000 audiences since 1957. It endeavors to promote artistic excellence by promoting classical music and boosting the cultural participation for enhancing Hong Kong’s reputation.