Pumping Revenue of Taiwanese Mobile Network

The Story


- Developed a devoted movie platform for all Asia Pacific Telecom’s subscribers, enriching their services diversification

- With this kind of extra services provided to the members, it prompts Asia Pacific Telecom to be one of the most preferred service providers in Taiwan

- Facilitated their business expansion to video entertainment



Standing out in the immensely competitive telecom industry in Taiwan is not an easy task to accomplish. In their relentless effort to provide the best-in-class services to their 4G LTE subscribers, Asia Pacific Telecom created Gt movie, a top-of-the-line video entertainment platform powered by our HERMES OTT Video Solution.  



Asia Pacific is one of the top telecom companies in Taiwan that provides great telecommunication services. They need an expert on providing video solution to help building up a brand new video entertainment platform.



1. Secured Digital Right Management (DRM) technology

With HERMES OTT Video Solution as the backbone of the platform, our advanced encoding technology, coupled with our sophisticated Digital Right Management (DRM) technology, Gt movie can distribute movie content securely.


2. High Speed Encoding

Supported by HERMES encoding technology, Gt movie is able to directly deliver endless hours of top-quality entertainment to their loyal customers within short period of time.


3. Experienced Over The Top (OTT) solution provider

Our dedicated team of professionals has expertise in providing OTT service, covering a wide range of content delivered through applications and third-party services. The staff of Gt movie can rest assured that they would focus on core business.

The Client

Asia Pacific Telecom

Asia Pacific Telecom

Asia Pacific was formed by parent company, Asia Pacific Broadband Telecom Co., Ltd in 2000. With over 1.8 million subscribers, Asia Pacific is one of the top telecom companies in Taiwan. Its impressive portfolio of quality and affordable telecommunication services, such as "APT Mobile Network In-Net Voice for Free", "Buy Data, Plus Voice for Free" and "Both Mobile Data and Talks” propelled Asia Pacific to its current success. Stepping into this new era of digital convergence, Asia Pacific will continue construct a versatile next-generation communication network, fulfilling the expectation and demand from all kinds of consumers in various aspects of telecommunication service.