Board Game Competition Press Conference

The Story

Live Event Profile:

Event Date: 31 May 2017

Event Duration: 30 minutes

Event Venue: Cobo House

Live Streaming Platform: Facebook (available on any mobile devices and computers)

Live Streaming Region: Worldwide

Live Event Details:



- Encouraged more schools to join the competition

- Raised the effectiveness and awareness of the event



To encourage students with positive mindset and cultivate their problem-solving ability, the first ever board game competition for Primary and Secondary Schools in Hong Kong would be held in July. In addition to encourage more schools to join the competition, the organizers partnered with TFI to live stream the press conference on 31 May 2017.



Due to space limitation, bulk equipment and complicated live streaming setup are not feasible at the venue. With our "One Click Go Live" solution, live streaming had been done easily in a limited working area with simple setup.



1. Ease of setup

With our live streaming solution, client can easily set up live events without spending hours on connecting different equipment.


2. Support live on various social media platform like Facebook

We support simulcasting to social media platform like Facebook. It helps spread the message and promote the board game competition among peers.


3. "One Click Go Live" solution

Simply connecting the camera, network and power with our HERMES Live Encoder M, the organizer is able to deliver high quality live stream easily with the feature of "One Click Go Live".  No extra software and expenditure are required. 




The Client



Gameplan was formed by M&S International (HK) Ltd to import and market family educational board games that are fun to play and easy to learn. Their goal is to provide quality games that entertain, educate and enlighten, while promoting positive social interaction for all ages.