HERMES Video Cloud Solution for filmmakers in Hong Kong

The Story


- Effectively simplify daily operation of Film Company with HERMES Video Cloud Solution, powered by TFI.

- Tailored one stop video solution with password protected. It demonstrates the possibility of innovative encoding and cloud technologies for film and entertainment industry.



Infinitus Entertainment Limited, one of the key film production companies in Hong Kong, has high demand in video file transfer in order to facilitate their daily operation. To minimize man-hour cost on video transfer and content management, Infinitus Entertainment Limited has applied HERMES video cloud solution that supports lightning fast encoding technology without compromising video resolution quality. Filmmakers can easily upload and view movie with the user-friendly content management platform.



In the process of film post production, video transfer between different parties used to be time consuming and extensively affect the daily operation and project working progress. Infinitus Entertainment Limited is looking for a one-stop solution provider that can fulfill their requirement on high speed video transmission, broadcast quality video and user-friendly content management platform.  



1. Tailored one-stop video solution

TFI provided a sophisticated and unified solution, including high speed HERMES video encoding, video cloud and customized content management platform.


2. User-friendly content management platform

From content encoding to streaming, our user-friendly web interface makes content management simple, everything can be done by a few clicks.


3. Award-winning video technology provider

TFI is an award-winning, state-of-the-art video technology company that specializes in video streaming and video encoding solutions.

The Client

Focus Group Holdings Limited

Focus Group Holdings Limited

Focus Group Holdings Limited ("Focus Group") is formed by Mr. Andy Lau Tak Wah and managed by a professional and experienced team. Focus Group is essentially engaged in film business and artiste management related business.