The 12th Asian Film Awards Presentation Ceremony

The Story

Event Date: 17 March, 2018

Event Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

Event Venue: The Venetian Theatre, The Venetian Macao

Live Streaming Platform: App (available on any mobile devices)

Live Streaming Region: Worldwide



- Hong Kong, Macao and overseas audience could enjoy the 12th Asian Film Awards Presentation Ceremony simultaneously on mobile via App

- With broadcast live streaming quality and the user-friendly video platform,, provided an excellent viewing experience to worldwide audience

- Successfully promoted eminent Asian filmmakers and movies to the world, bringing content, culture and people together



The Asian Film Awards is one of the Hong Kong International Film Festival Society flagship events. It aims to recognize the excellence of the film professionals in the film industries of Asian cinema. Apart from the Hong Kong Film Awards, TFI is once again entrusted to be the official live streaming partner of a large-scale international event, providing professional video technologies to the world.

The Client

Asian Film Awards Academy, AFAA

Asian Film Awards Academy, AFAA

In 2013, three main Asian film festivals – Busan, Hong Kong and Tokyo – joined together to create the non-profit organization, the Asian Film Awards Academy to promote and develop Asian cinema and its talents. The AFA Academy highlights, strengthens and develops Asian film industry and culture through the annual Asian Film Awards, and several year-round initiatives including strategies for building regional and international audiences.