SONY MUSIC "Ever After" Music Drama

The Story

Live Event Profile:

Event Date: 19 February 2016

Event Duration: 150 minutes

Event Venue: Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

Live Streaming Platform: Website (available on mobile devices and computers)

Live Streaming Region: Hong Kong (For Internal Use only)


Live Event Details:



- The experimental run on live streaming drama demonstrated a significant initiative for the industry to look into possibilities in innovative video streaming technologies for music, live entertainment and theatre

- With HEREMES Live Encoder M, TFI provided professional quality live streaming to the drama and enable to reach audience on mobile devices and computers



"Ever After" is a love comedy with story originated from a Hong Kong micro-movie. Incorporating live music, movie scenes and performing arts, the drama also marks the milestone of Canto pop singer Jason Chan's 10th year in the industry.



SONY MUSIC planned an experimental run on live streaming drama to explore the new arena. They looked for a professional video streaming partner to create a dedicated video solution. Through HERMES live streaming solution, our professional team closely in contact with client and tailor-made live streaming services in response to customers’ needs.



1. "One Click Go Live" solution

It was easy to set up, and in broadcast quality. During the event, TFI also showcased its advanced live streaming technology. It verified the great possibility of live streaming and the powerful strength of TFI.


2. Broadcast quality streaming service

With HERMES live streaming solution, viewers can enjoy the broadcast quality live video via 4K HDR OTT platform.


3. Full control and ownership on the live video

Through our HERMES Live platform, client has full control and ownership of the live video with the option to edit and archive after the event, unlike streaming to social media platforms where bounded by their restrictions and technical limitations.

The Client

Sony Music Entertainment Hong Kong Ltd.

Sony Music Entertainment Hong Kong Ltd.

Hong Kong Branch of Sony Music Entertainment. Headquartered in New York City, the group owns world-renowned music labels and has offices reaching over 40 countries.