TFI exchanged ideas with iQIYI, the leading video platform in China for pushing video technology into a new realm


TFI R&D team showcased our patented video technology to iQIYI, including the distributed video encoding, SDR to HDR real-time conversion technologies and the related applications. We also demonstrated the significantly improved lifelike image quality of our patented video technology - SDR to HDR conversion, as well as the perceptual rate control for video compression which drastically reduces bandwidth cost for enhancing OTT business profitability.


iQIYI team wishes to collaborate with TFI and initiates new projects with our patented video technology. TFI, on the other hand, also aims to build up a strong partnership with iQIYI to foster world-class superior video technology development between the two regions, pushing the video era to a revolutionary and impactful milestone.