TFI supported the charity with Symphonic Romance Live Streaming


The Hong Kong Amateur Orchestra has been active promoting passion for orchestral music in Hong Kong, and is a great supporter of charity. In the Valentine's Day of 2016, they collaborated with local bridal brand KEVOLIE for the first-in-town charity fashion show joining orchestral music and bridal gowns, the "Symphonic Romance Fashion Show". Director-conductor Ms. Moon So and fellow members of the Orchestra performed classical masterpieces and Canto love songs, in the beautiful bridal gowns of KEVOLIE.


An innovative initiative, the Hong Kong Amateur Orchestra worked with TFI to broadcast the music fashion show live online. TFI has made possible online live streaming on mobile devices and computers with its leading video streaming technology. Donors reaching specified donation amount were entitled free accounts to watch the music fashion show on HERMES Live Streaming Platform. Revenue deducted from costs were donated to online charity platform Lifewire and local charity Wai Yin Association, to help community groups in need.