Seminar - "The Future of Live Streaming and OTT"


Recently, many enterprises and event organizers are looking for innovative and cost effective ways to help their business and clients market their products as well as services to broader audience. To meet market needs, a seminar – “The Future of Live Streaming and OTT” had been organized at Hysan Place on 23 June 2016. It really gave audiences a strong insight on Live Streaming and OTT. The veteran media professionals and video experts shared the local trends and experience. They presented how video streaming and OTT solutions could be the next innovative marketing channels to complement enterprises and event organizers go-to-market strategy. By implementing Live Streaming technology and OTT platform, enterprises and event organizers would explore more business opportunities in different countries.


Last but not least, our professional team demonstrated our new product – “HERMES Live Encoder M”. This user-friendly product can make live event with just single button click. It helps event organizers market their products and services as well as broaden the customer reach through an innovative and cost effective IT solutions. They can deliver a broadcast grade solution at affordable price. The product offers not only support over 20 digital devices or platforms, viewers can enjoy their show everywhere.


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