ComputerWorld: Interviewed the CEO of TFI, Wilson Yuen


Microsoft Hong Kong hosted the 2016 Channel Kick-off (CKO) event at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre on 5th September 2016. TFI Digital Media Limited (TFI) was glad to be one of the partners participated in the event and delighted to be interviewed by ComputerWorld.


The key messages of the article:


In around 2010, when TFI saw the rising trend of video streaming, it partnered with Microsoft. In 2013, TFI started to host its OTT solution on Microsoft Azure.


Through TFI's self-developed one-stop video solution, the HERMES Video Platform, Hong Kong Television (HKTV), one of TFI's customers, can deliver part of its video content on over 16 devices platform. It also offers, manages and monetizes its video content using TFI's HERMES OTT Video Solution's content management system (CMS), advertising bidding system and big data analytics system.


In addition, Microsoft partner engagement team helped to bridge TFI with direct business opportunities in different market segments. With the Microsoft's Go-To-Market resources, TFI is organizing various marketing activities, and included customer call down campaign, joint marketing seminars, online advertising and other related marketing collaterals to generate more sales leads.


"TFI Digital Media Limited is one of the top several partners of Microsoft in Hong Kong," said Wilson Yuen, Founder and CEO of TFI Digital Media Limited, at the CKO press conference. In June, TFI won the Country Partner of the Year Award (Hong Kong) 2016, and the Cloud Partner of the Year 2015 – Azure Award last year.


Source: Computer World Hong Kong Kong