HKSTP Talent Pool: Interview of Wilson Yuen about the story of TFI


Mr. Wilson Yuen, the Founder & CEO of TFI is delighted to be interviewed by Hong Kong Science Park sharing his view on video technology development and history of TFI.


The key messages of the articles:


- Wilson started TFI and his R&D of video streaming in cloud about 7 years ago. He is very smart and discerns what others don’t, he has foreseen the future and the trend of online video for mobile devices due to the increase in display size of digital devices.


- TFI has become the Official Online Live Streaming and Video-On-Demand Partner of the Hong Kong Film Awards for two consecutive years. To foster global culture exchange, English and Chinese subtitles are firstly provided on VOD, allowing oversea audiences to participate in this remarkable event.


- In 2014, TFI was entitled by a famous Hong Kong Online Television company, applying TFI’s streaming technologies on its online TV platform. While the daily average internet traffic was 600G/second at that time, TFI was able to handle the peak traffic with 300G/second. It once again to demonstrate the capability of TFI.  


- In November2016, Centaline collaborated with TFI launching a new online video property-viewing platform. TFI offered a dedicated video platform with encoding, streaming and big data analysis services to Centaline. It allowed Centaline’s agents to share the property details with all house hunters.


- TFI has been entitled with many local and international awards, including Technological Achievement in 2015 Hong Kong Awards for Industries, Asia Pacific Information and Communication Technology Awards (APICTA) 2015, WITSA Global ICT Excellence Awards 2016 - Private Sector Excellence Award, shortlist in CSI Awards and 2016 Microsoft Country Partner of the Year Award (HKSAR).


- TFI has been growing rapidly these years. Currently, there are around 100 staff in TFI. Wilson believed that People is the most important asset for the company.


 - Nowadays, TFI’s live streaming service has been covering more than 25 regions and being applied to different industries or various events including ceremony, property, forum, concert, international conference, auction etc. TFI will continuously uphold its vision - "Bring Content, Culture and People Together".


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