2018 Hong Kong ICT Awards: Smart Business Award Presentation Ceremony

The Story

Event Date: 28 March, 2018

Event Duration: 60 minutes

Event Venue: Hong Kong Science Park

Live Streaming Platform: Facebook (available on any mobile devices and computers)

Live Streaming Region: Worldwide



- Enabled audience around the world to witness the significant event of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry, sharing the happiness with the winners

- Promoted outstanding ICT inventions and applications, showcasing the innovation of Hong Kong’s ICT talents and enterprises

- Provided a good example to IT industry on using video technology in pursuit of creative solutions for meeting business and social needs



The Hong Kong ICT Awards is a major yearly event that aims to recognize remarkable achievement of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry. With the superior live streaming technology and global content delivery network, TFI has been appointed to be the live streaming provider of Smart Business Award for two consecutive years.

The Client

Hong Kong Computer Society (HKCS)

Hong Kong Computer Society (HKCS)

Founded in 1970, the Hong Kong Computer Society (HKCS), with over 9,000 members, is a well-recognized non-profit organization focused on developing Hong Kong's Information Technology (IT) profession and industry. Members hail from a broad spectrum of Hong Kong's IT community, from corporations to like-minded individuals, all coming together to raise the profile and standards of the profession and industry.