New Online Video Property Viewing Service

The Story


- Allowed Centaline’s approximately 4,500 agents to shoot video footage, edit and upload instantaneously by using their mobile devices, bringing real-time audio visual coverage along with details of the property listings to the house hunters’ palms

- Helped Centaline to leverage digital transformation, pioneer and lead the industry to begin a brand new era of video property viewing

- Increased sales opportunities by providing a well-resourced database and flexibility to buyers

- Built up a culture heritage database of properties in Hong Kong  



Hong Kong people are very busy and it’s difficult for them to squeeze time for viewing suitable property. They hope to find agents who can provide unprecedented visual access to every part of their prospective home without spending lots of time. As one of the major property agencies in Hong Kong, Centaline decided to develop a cloud-based real estate video solution to benefit both proprietors and home buyers which can drive its customer services to a higher level and increase sales.



Before that, agencies could only offer limited video footage of luxury properties via YouTube and it was not owned by Centaline. If Centaline has its own platform, its administrator can not only easily manage the videos, but also upload the video rapidly. To handle a large amount of video, it requires high level and professional technology for rendering and video streaming.  Also, it may involve huge investment cost.



1. Experienced in video technology

We are an award-winning, state-of-the-art video technology company that specializes in video streaming and over-the-top (OTT) solutions.


2. Lightning fast encoding technology with a bespoke video platform

We provide a bespoke video platform for Centaline to transcode and render the property videos efficiently, and to centralize the storage and management of these videos.


3. Cost effective cloud-based solution

Our cloud-based video technology enables Centaline to reduce investment on any upfront IT infrastructure as Microsoft Azure is capable of offering cloud capacity, scalability and connectivity on demand.

New Online Video Property Viewing Service
From Left: Horace Chow, GM of Microsoft HK, Addy Wong, CEO, Asia Pacific at Centaline and Wilson Yuen, Founder and CEO of TFI
New Online Video Property Viewing Service
Mr. Shih Wing-ching was also one of the guests of the press conferenece
New Online Video Property Viewing Service
Centaline, TFI and Microsoft join-hands to create truly impactful video solution GET STARTED FOR YOUR PROJECT

The Client

Centaline Property Agency (Centaline)

Centaline Property Agency (Centaline)

Centaline Property Agency Limited is one of the largest property agencies in Hong Kong. It was established in 1978 by Mr. Shih Wing-ching. It holds more than 300 branched in Hong Kong now.