Worldwide Media Coverage of Hong Kong's First Real Estate Secondary Market Blockchain Platform


We are glad that the launch of Hong Kong’s First Secondary Market Real Estate Blockchain Platform by TFI, Microsoft and Centaline has been widely reported by international media. Several news from Germany, Russia, Spain, Korea, and Turkey introduced the strengths of TFI’s Blockchain technology and how it has been successfully applied to property market.


The news mainly covered about the advantages of TFI Blockchain Platform. It optimizes the entire transaction workflow and greatly reduces the time for document verification, which improves efficiency and smoothens property transactions between property agents and buyers. Moreover, TFI is more focused on strengthening cybersecurity to ensure data confidentiality, integrity and availability.


Since its launch in March, this blockchain platform has successfully processed more than 500 signed documents within 5 months. In the future, we hope to apply and further extend TFI blockchain technology to different industry in order to strengthen the competitiveness of enterprises.


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