HKEJ X PR Asia: The Distinguished Video Technology Solutions Provider


TFI was awarded the "Outstanding Video Technology Solution Provider" during “The Distinguished SME Partners Award 2017". In the special publication of the awards, Mr. Wilson Yuen, the Founder & CEO of TFI introduced the technologies and development of TFI.


The key messages of the articles:


- Having the world-class video transcoding technologies with various advantages, TFI has become one of the leading IT companies in Hong Kong within just six and a half years.


- In 2014, TFI created a first-in-market online video platform for a Hong Kong OnlineTelevision Company through its cutting-edge encoding technologies. While the daily average internet traffic was 600G/second at that time, TFI was able to handle the peak traffic with 300G/second. TFI was in-charged of the design and development of the whole platform. It created a revolutionary new way of TV in Hong Kong and it once again demonstrated the capability of TFI.


- TFI’s research team has been working on a variety of high-ended research projects, aiming to connect culture, content and people together through science and technology. TFI‘s technologies, including the world's fastest video transcoding solution, have been recognized by many international organizations. "TFI’s encoder for example is able to encode massive video file such as 100-minutes movie master in just few minutes." said Wilson.


- With TFI's patented video technologies, it not only benefits the cultural and entertainment industry, but also applies to various sectors. TFI has been collaborating with different international and local renowned brands, including HPE, Microsoft, and Hong Kong Film Awards Association.


- Instead of using 4K Blu-ray disc or other equipment, TFI offers 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) resolution video through Internet.


- TFI’s live streaming and speedy video technologies contain high scalability and extensibility which generate new business opportunities to all broadcasters. Its HERMES Live Encoders contain 3 models that fit enterprises with different scales. With "One Click Go Live" feature, users are able to provide broadcast grade live streaming anywhere.


- "Due to our high quality video services, this is our second consecutive year to provide overseas live stream for the Hong Kong Film Awards ceremony. To favor foreign visitors and promote Hong Kong movies to the world, TFI also provides Chinese and English subtitles this year."


- In the near future, Wilson hopes to bring the best content to the world through TFI's one-stop video technology solution.


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