TFI hosted Blockchain & AI seminar with Alibaba Cloud to share Enterprise-grade Solution


TFI’s Blockchain seminar co-organized with our close partner Alibaba Cloud has been successfully held on 12 Dec 2019, with themed’’ Blockchain & AI Solution: The power of synergy”.  Audiences were paid full attention to how Blockchain & AI technology strengthen company competitiveness in order to face the challenges in rapidly growing market.


Charles, who was TFI Speaker explains the basic concept of Blockchain, advantages of TFI Blockchain technology and real applications. He pointed out three features of TFI’s blockchain technology. The first is enterprise-grade Blockchain solution featured with high efficiency, high flexibility, high security and strong privacy protection.  Second is a customized system design that can be easily and flexibly integrated into different business systems based on client needs. Last but not least is professional Blockchain team provides support services that ensure the stability of Blockchain platform.


In real application aspect, our previous case in the real estate and recycling industries has been successful. In the future, we will continue to apply this solution to different industry by using latest technology to help corporate increase competitiveness, save time and cost.


Finally, we would like to express our sincere gratitude once again to all attendees and Alibaba Cloud for supporting us.