TFI celebrated its 9th Anniversary and unveiled its development strategy with focus on technology and professional live stream to expand commercial live broadcast applications


Since its inception in Dec 2010, TFI focuses on the research and development in video technology and actively promotes technology transfer and applications, with patented video technology as the strategic business objective. In the past few years, 13 video patents have been submitted and among which, 6 of them are being granted in Hong Kong, China and USA respectively in 2019. The patented video technologies are applied to HERMES Live Encoder, reaffirming our colleagues’ hard work and our leading role in video technology spectrum. To express the heartfelt gratitude to all the colleagues for the tremendous support, TFI’s 9th annual dinner was being held in Jan 2020. Our Founder and CEO, Mr. Wilson Yuen shared about TFI’s major accomplishments in 2019 and the development strategy of 2020, which highlights on professional live stream as the key positioning and application of HERMES Live Encoder with patented video technology on commercial live streams!


In 2019, TFI has achieved a few remarkable milestones, such as using our HERMES Live Encoder featuring with patented SDR to HDR technology to support Cable TV to implement the first 24x7 HDR News Video App in Hong Kong. Meanwhile, TFI also leveraged its video technology in different live streams and extended to corporate, education, entertainment and sports industries, providing stable, scalable and end-to-end live streaming service, and empowering our clients to reach new business growth. Until now, over 4,000 events have been live streamed by HERMES Live Encoder, covering more than 52 countries and 20 devices with over 1 million aggregated concurrent views. It also delivered professional commercial live streaming service to more than 140 events, including the 38th Hong Kong Film Awards, Live Relays of the London Symphony Orchestra, Schools’ Events and Graduation Ceremony, as well as HPE Discover More Hong Kong 2019, etc.


Besides, as the close partner of Centaline, TFI facilitated Centaline to pioneer and lead the industry by launching Hong Kong’s first real estate secondary market Blockchain platform, which has been widely reported by international media. It was another giant breakthrough to property industry after the success of “Online Video Property Viewing Service” in 2016. Moreover, TFI has received over 30 technology and company awards in Hong Kong and international market, recognizing our team’s great effort and achievements!


In 2020, TFI is leaping towards its 10th anniversary. We hope to provide professional live streaming service to diversified industries and closely collaborate with different enterprises to deliver our patented video technology to the world, realizing the vision to “Bring Content, Culture, and People Together” via technology.