IT PRO: CEO of TFI, Interview of Wilson Yuen about the story of TFI


Mr. Wilson Yuen, the Founder & CEO of TFI is delighted to be interviewed by IT Pro Magazine. Wilson shared the reason why he has chosen video technology to be his life-long career and the story of TFI.


The key messages of the article:

-  TFI is a local technology company with international standard. 7 years ago, thanks for the launch of Apple iPad, people were able to watch videos anywhere. And hence Wilson started to study about the video delivery technology by cloud. TFI was also established on the same year with only one staff.


- Wilson visited the exhibition about Sir Charles Kao, Father of Fiber Optics, and was deeply impressed by his achievements. He hence chose to study the Master Degree of Communications Technology. Inspired by Sir Charles Kao and Wilson’s grandfather and father, who were also working as a postman, he believes that his mission is to deliver content for others.


- TFI focused on user experience when first established. The first core project was about the design work of multi-media interactive experience for the flagship store of a famous telecom service provider. Two mobile phones with 2G and 3G network respectively were available for downloading the same video file to show the difference of network speed instead of just explaining it by numbers only.


-  2014, the total number of staff of TFI was increased to 40. And the flatship product, HERMES Live was developed in the same year, which provided OTT platforms and other video technologies and solutions. HERMES Live provides encoding, transcoding and live streaming solutions for videos, for which video files are transmitted by cloud to lower the cost without affecting the user experience.


- HERMES Live has become very popular since its launch in 2014, which also helped to setup the OTT platform for HKTV, which is the first-ever free online TV platform. HERMES Live Encoder has been qualified by Akamai, the global leader in Content Delivery Network (CDN) services, resulting in its global success and reputation. TFI was awarded Winner in the Media and Entertainment Technology category in the Asia Pacific Information and Communication Technology Alliance (APICTA) Award, as well as the World Information Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA) Global ICT Excellence Awards 2016 - Private Sector Excellence Award.


- In Wilson’s point of view, there’s no talent facing failure forever. It’s just the matter that you are willing to work hard or not.  Wilson encourages those who want to start their own business. They should have a ability to work for execution continuously and possess a calm and stable mind. And they should contribute to every single client and expand their social network in order to support the continuous growth of the business.


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