TFI participated in Microsoft MSX // Marketing, Media & Communications


During MSX // Marketing, Media & Communications organized by Microsoft Hong Kong on 14th March, TFI commendably showcased its HERMES Live and OTT technologies to all marketers from various industries. It is a marketing solution showcase event, designed for all the marketing professionals and public relations specialists. On the event day, more than 100 participants gathered at Microsoft Experience Center, attending the keynote session and and looking for state-of-the-art marketing technology solutions for their business.


A good marketing strategy plays a critical role in driving business success and impact. While digital marketing has been becoming the hottest trend nowadays, TFI provides innovative solutions to help different brands and industries driving business revenue and customer engagement. Through HERMES Live, marketers can globally broadcast their company events such as conference, concert, and annual dinner. The live stream of keynote session on that day was powered by HERMES Live.


TFI on the other hand provides customized video solutions for different corporates’ needs. Successful cases of HERMES OTT video solutions like Centaline’s Online Video Property Viewing Platform, movie watching platform, Clickplay, had greatly drawn the visitors’ interest as well.